No other equipment for whole-body cold therapy offers the same effectiveness to the human organism as the CRYO BOX. The C.B.M. Vertrieb is the only company in Germany and Austria working with the pioneer who developed the original technology for cryosauna operation. The manufacturer has its own research and development department right from the start. All engineers have a degree in cryogenics.


We are very proud to introduce the cryosaunas, which are still the best on the world market. The high quality of our products has been confirmed by European certifications. Due to our long-standing expertise in various medical facilities, such as physiotherapy, doctors, naturopathic practices, beauty and wellness salons, we currently offer four models that cover the requirements in various business areas.


Ask us for information to find out which CRYO BOX would fit your business model.

Three minutes treatment time

Temperatures up to -195°C

Many positive effects on the body

Application areas

Your CRYO BOX session lasts only three minutes at -160° Celsius. Since it is a dry cold, the treatment is very well tolerated and thus suitable for older people. Due to the extreme cold, our body releases numerous hormones and greatly increases its circulation, oxygenation of the tissue and metabolism. This results in numerous positive effects, which are reinforced by regular repetitions.


The goal of cryotherapy is to provide you with better health and faster recovery from injury. These benefits begin with the reduction of inflammation, pain relief and improved mobility.


Listed below are common CRYO BOX application areas.

Medicine and health

Professional sports and fitness

Wellness and beauty

Our vision

With expert knowledge from previous professional careers we want to convince and improve the life by reducing the drugs. So we want to enable you a healthier life and more quality of life. Not only professional athletes but also amateur athletes we would like to offer an alternative increase in performance and regeneration.


Our company stands for reliability and foresight and is also there for special requests or questions for you.

Reduction of medication

More quality of life

Performance increase

Do not just take our word for it

If you take a closer look at what cryotherapy is and what it exactly does ... this system is distributed across the world in all professional training rooms. Personally, I personally like to use the CRYO BOX during my short stays on Lake Constance or in very hard training phases. Here I can regenerate my body faster and bring more power in training. Alexander Bachmann Taekwondo World Champion 2017 Do not just take our word for it

I am pleased that my colleague Daniel Manz has integrated cryotherapy as a relaxation technique for athletes. I've used it on the professional basketball level and have seen the positive benefits of using it as a tool to speed up the recovery process. Daniel has always been at the cutting edge of sports medicine and this is just another example. Joe Rogowski Head of Sports Medicine NBPA Do not just take our word for it

It's a stimulating change from the training day. It just makes you feel fresher and just the lower extremities are more lively on the following training day. The regeneration time is shortened by the stay in the CRYO BOX. Julia Grabher Tennis WTA Singles Ranking 198 Do not just take our word for it

Damn good experience in the CRYO BOX at -160 ° C! Thank you very much. I'm out with extreme calf pain and less pain. And that after the first treatment! That's exactly what every person who regularly does sports needs in order to get more out of his body and to feel better. Of course, this also applies to people who do less exercise. Ozan Buz Amateur athletes Do not just take our word for it

The CRYO BOX is amazing! I go to the CRYO BOX and only three minutes later I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! The best way to relieve all my pain and feel healthy. Steven Lopez Taekwondo Olympia winner 2000 and 2004

The pioneer manufacturer in professional sport teams in action