Medicine and health

As the most diverse traditions confirm, the cold therapy was used in ancient Greece, Persia and also in Rome. Of course they have not used nitrogen instead of snow and ice-water mixtures. Hippocrates was the first to describe very detailed effects and treatment methods. Also Sebastian Kneipp we owe a very detailed description of cold water applications. But in addition to these older methods, the cold therapy developed further. T.Yamauchi introduced the first full body cold therapy in Japan in 1980. In 1984, the German rheumatologist Professor Reinhard Fricke managed to get the first whole body therapy outside of Germany to come to Germany. He specifically researched to treat inflammatory rheumatic diseases with it.

Meanwhile, it has been possible to develop refrigeration systems that naturally provide a reliable and required therapeutic temperature of -100 to -190 degrees Celsius. And that under comfortable conditions. Repeated applications of the CRYO BOX have positive effects on a wide variety of topics, as our studies show. Diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, dandruff and much more.


Allergy treatment

Reduction of medication

Medical indications

Inflammatory rheumatic gel diseases
Chronic pain
Spinal syndromes
Spasticity of the musculature
MS multiple sclerosis
Dull joint injuries

Bronchial asthma
Central fatigue symptoms
Sleep disorders
Psychophysical performance reduction
Strengthening the immune system

International studies of whole body cold therapy can be requested on request.