• Session status screen
  • Operator touch screen
    (left/right mountable)
  • Double door system
  • 30 seconds start-up time
  • Automatic lift system
  • Thermal contrast therapy mode
  • + 50 °C clay - 160 °C

Buy the CRYO BOX XC™ cold room

Buy a state-of-the-art full body cold room (cryo/ice sauna) with high quality, safety and ease of use as well as effective thermal contrast function!

Would you like to buy our cold room CRYO BOX XC™ MODEL?

With us, “C.B.M. Sales – CRYO BOX“, state-of-the-art whole-body cold rooms (also known as ice sauna, cryosauna or cryo chamber), such as the CRYO BOX XC™ model, offer the best quality, ease of use and safety. In particular, our cryo chamber model CRYO BOX XC™ offers the option of thermocontrast cryotherapy with the following attractive advantages

  • A pleasant start of the therapy with body warming and an initial feeling of warmth
  • Optimal preparation of the organism for therapeutic temperature changes
  • Higher effectiveness of cold therapy using the entire blood vessel volume

Our (whole body) cryotherapy devices take into account the most important requirements and criteria for an effective, satisfying and contemporary cold therapy application.


Here is an overview of the most important decision criteria, briefly listed for you:

  •    Superior quality
  •    Best price
  • ✔   High assurance
  •    Best design
  •    Best therapeutic effect
  •    Best customer satisfaction
  •    Short, effective treatment time (approx. 3 minutes)
  •    Minimised service and maintenance costs

We will be happy to advise you – holistically if you wish – from the initial consultation to the choice of equipment to the delivery of the entire cryotherapy equipment or to the final compilation of the desired cold therapy equipment.

Would you like to purchase a high-quality cryotherapy device such as the CRYO BOX XC™? Request your free, no-obligation quotation now and we will advise you professionally.

Effect, effects and benefits of cryotherapy and whole body cold therapy

Mechanism of action of cryotherapy or whole body cold therapy on the organism

During whole-body cold therapy, the entire human body is exposed to extremely low temperatures for several minutes in a cold room or cryosauna to simulate a situation in which the affected organism may experience hypothermia. As a protective response, the brain supports the body by contracting blood vessels and muscles, which are usually located in the outer (peripheral) areas of the body or further away from the heart.
After the cold treatment, the body recognises the reduced danger and releases the blood vessels and muscles in the form of a strong vasodilatation. With a time limit of 3 minutes for this standardised cryotherapy treatment, any risk of body hypothermia is always avoided.
The basic therapeutic principle is to trigger desired stimuli through the targeted use of extremely low temperatures in the relevant parts of the body, to which the human organism then reacts with a positive change or adaptation. Therapeutic cold therefore acts on the relevant parts of the body quickly, effectively and often very effectively!
The holistic application of extreme cold – within so-called whole-body cryotherapy – also activates mechanisms of action in the human spinal cord, so that positive therapeutic effects occur throughout the entire body, including all bones and muscles.

The main health effects of cryotherapy or whole body cold treatment:

  • Pain-relieving (analgesic) health effect:
    Research results on the effect of whole body cryotherapy or cold therapy have shown that it is very successful and effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, sometimes due to specific and complex mechanisms of action.
  • Anti-inflammatory health effects:
    The use of whole-body cold therapy also affects any inflammatory processes in the body in a special way, just like pain relief. This is because cold treatment of the affected skin or body areas also causes a reduction in blood flow (hyperfusion) due to vasoconstriction (vasoconstriction), which at least reduces any inflammatory reaction and associated pain.
  • Weight and fat reduction by activating metabolic processes:
    Thanks to activated, accelerated and improved metabolic processes, the reduction in kilocalories and body fat is noticeable not only during the 3 minutes of the whole body cold therapy treatment, but also up to 6 hours after (whole body) cryotherapy.
  • Relaxing or stress-relieving effect:
    The use of whole body cryotherapy can increase the release of endorphins and serotonin. In addition, other messenger substances after cryotherapy applications provide a general feeling of well-being in the body and help to reduce stress rapidly.

Benefits and application areas of cryotherapy or whole body cold therapy for humans

Therefore, whole-body cryotherapy is an excellent treatment for athletes and active people who want to accelerate muscle recovery, as well as for people with slow or no treatment success or who experience treatment regression due to injuries, persistent chronic pain and inflammation.

In addition to sports medicine, cryotherapy is also used as an effective method with very good experience in the field of “beauty, health and rehabilitation” – mainly due to its blood circulation promoting effects – or in general medicine (including as a treatment). Treatment method for musculoskeletal diseases) has been used. Whole body cold therapy is also used effectively for weight loss and the treatment of skin diseases – or also used preventively to maintain and improve skin health and the appearance of the skin (“beauty therapy”). However, many people also use them as part of rehabilitation therapy after surgery, especially as a pain treatment without undesirable side effects.

Would you like to purchase a high-quality cryotherapy device such as the CRYO BOX XC™? Request your free, no-obligation quotation now and we will advise you professionally.

Buy the CRYO BOX XC™ cold room: Product details and performance characteristics

The cryo chamber model CRYO BOX XC™ – a high-quality full body cold chamber (also known as ice/cold sauna, cryosauna or cryo chamber) – was developed by the Cryoniq company. It is currently one of the most modern and advanced cold rooms or full body cryotherapy devices in the world. Thanks to continuous technical development and consideration of all relevant safety and technology standards, with this model we can offer you an excellent, reliable and high quality cryotherapy device in the whole body cold room category (ice sauna/cold sauna/cryosauna/cryo chamber) with maximum safety.

Non-pressurised system

Liquid nitrogen is stored unpressurised in an unpressurised Dewar container. The capacity of the container is 50 litres. The empty weight is 17 kg and the full container weighs 57 kg. Tanks and accessories are supplied directly by us.

More information:

  • When purchasing a non-pressurised CRYO BOX XC, 2 50 litre Dewar containers are included.
  • No initial start-up required – immediately ready for use
  • Can be converted into a pressure vessel at any time

Pressurised system

The pressurised system is not included in the purchase of a CRYO BOX and can be purchased or retrofitted if required. Tanks and accessories are supplied directly by us. In addition, a first start-up is required. However, the printable system is very user-friendly because it ensures a long shelf life.

The CRYO BOX XC™ is popular due to its unique revolving cabin door (“double door system”), easy installation and commissioning, and effective thermal contrast functionality. In addition to the intelligent double door system and the effective thermal contrast functionality, the balanced cooling air distribution inside the cabinet is also an innovative distinguishing feature. It offers the user or client maximum cryotherapy effects during cold treatment as well as the highest level of safety thanks to various safety levels.


With the functionality of thermocontrast cryotherapy, the CRYO BOX XC™ offers the option of pleasantly and profitably warming the body before cold treatment. Precisely because the organism is warmed up in advance by the warm system air up to 50°C, the human blood vessels open and dilate, which activates and promotes blood circulation in the body. This therapeutic effect not only feels pleasant, but also greatly increases the effectiveness of the cold therapy treatment. This is because the blood vessel reactions initiated by the introduction of cold are intensified by the temperature contrast and the positive mechanisms of cold therapy can develop optimally and effectively in the human organism.


The functionality of thermocontrast cryotherapy – in conjunction with a balanced cooling air distribution in the cabin – offers the following very attractive advantages for users

  • A pleasant start of the therapy with body warming and an initial feeling of warmth
  • Optimal preparation of the organism for therapeutic temperature changes
  • Higher effectiveness of cold therapy using the entire blood vessel volume

CRYO BOX XC™ works with a liquid nitrogen system. This technology offers indisputable technical, practical, economic and therapy-specific advantages over other techniques or solutions in this field. Not least for this reason, this technology has become the preferred standard for whole body cold rooms (ice saunas/cryosaunas/freezing rooms).


This device technology generates mixed gases and system vapours from liquid nitrogen and air to achieve the desired low temperatures in the treatment chamber. Before the desired session or when the treatment temperature is reached, the cold room is pre-cooled to a standard temperature. Once the device system has completed pre-cooling, it is ready for cryotherapy treatment. The treatment temperatures in the CRYO BOX XC™ are between -110 °C and -170 °C, depending on the operating mode. The duration of the treatment can be flexibly adjusted from 1.5 to a maximum of 3 minutes.

The CRYO BOX XC™ cold room model offers the following innovative and attractive features:

  • Thermal contrast function (temperatures between +50°C and -180°C)
  • Application temperatures from -120°C to -180°C
  • Application time between 1.5 and maximum 3 minutes
  • Automatic nitrogen flow
  • Balanced cooling air distribution and therefore balanced cabin temperature
  • Number of applications (sessions) per hour: approx. 15
  • Nitrogen consumption per application/session: approx. 3 – 7 litres
  • Additional safety features, e.g. need-based whole body exposure

+ Special equipment and additional functions (included in the purchase costs)

  • 21.5″ touch operator display
  • 15″ Client-multimedia display
  • Wi-Fi – Remote control for remote maintenance
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in LED light control to select different light environment

+ Advantages in product operation and service and maintenance with manufacturer support

  • Active, flexible and trouble-free customer service
  • Remote diagnostics option in case of any malfunction
  • Providing operational statistics and logs
  • Minimised repair, service and maintenance times

From the initial consultation to the selection of the device and the delivery of the complete cryotherapy equipment or the final assembly of the desired cold therapy equipment – we are also happy to advise you holistically on request.

Would you like to purchase a high-quality cryotherapy device such as the CRYO BOX XC™? Request your free, no-obligation quotation now and we will advise you professionally.

Information, advice and support to start your cryotherapy business (“Business Assistance”)

Are you interested in starting a cryotherapy business and ultimately purchasing one or more cryotherapy devices such as the CRYO BOX XC™? Request your free, no obligation quotation now and we will advise you professionally.

In the following section, we will highlight the most important, most frequent and critical questions, key aspects and success factors that we approach potential buyers, interested investors and existing customers – possibly as potential cryotherapy entrepreneurs – with regard to setting up or establishing a cryotherapy business, depending on the needs and situation, providing target-oriented and profitable information, advice and – if necessary – support.


We will be pleased to advise and support you on the following questions and starting points

Information on costs (determination of financing and operating costs, etc.)

  • Total cost calculations for our products and services
  • Financial overview of the establishment of the cryotherapy business and related investments
  • Analysing the availability of financing options
  • Information about the operating costs of our devices
  • Warranty options for our products
  • Comprehensive after-sales and after-warranty services “

Product operation knowledge (gaining product competence as part of work efficiency)

  • Information about the functionality and operation of our products/cryotherapy devices
  • Information about liquid nitrogen suppliers in your region or country
  • Explanations/information on the expected lifetime of our products/cryotherapy devices
  • Properties/information about maximum usage or maximum number of sessions per day
  • Specifications/information about the frequency of maintenance or the rhythm of maintenance periods

Information on legal requirements (company operation, personnel or equipment, etc.)

  • Licences or training required for operation
  • Training and certification for new employees
  • Federal requirements for installation and operation
  • Insurances required for the operation
  • Internationally valid product certifications

Information on expected return on investment (achieve investment return targets as soon as possible)

  • The importance of efficiency and commercial viability
  • Session pricing according to business line and location
  • Understanding and shaping the cryotherapy business through club memberships
  • Expansion of customer capacity
  • Provision of marketing advice and support and marketing materials

Information about the effectiveness of cryotherapy (health benefits according to research results, etc.)

  • Existing experiences/research studies on health outcomes and impacts
  • Experiences, indications and therapy advantages of whole body cryotherapy
  • Existing experiences/research studies on the sensation and response range of whole body cryotherapy during and after use
  • Differences between whole body cryotherapy and other cold therapies (e.g. ice baths)

Information on the risks of cryotherapy (contraindications and potential operational risks)

  • Extensive experience/knowledge of contraindications
  • Comprehensive information on the use and storage of liquid nitrogen

Information on space requirements (determination of space requirements of cryotherapy devices + accessories)

  • Installation requirements for the cryo chamber model CRYO BOX XC™
  • Specifications/information on spatial requirements for device installation
  • Determine the spatial requirements of any cryotherapy treatment room or workspace with multiple devices
  • Determination of the spatial requirements of any cryotherapy centre or shop in terms of storage of liquid nitrogen containers etc. + additional accessories

Would you like to purchase a high-quality cryotherapy device such as the CRYO BOX XC™? Request your free, no-obligation quotation now and we will advise you professionally.