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Floyd Mayweather

Gareth Bale

Conor McGregor

Cristiano Ronaldo

The regeneration of various body systems are after a heavy use such. improved after a competition or intensive training with up to 50%. The over excited systems are restarted like a computer thus the body is back in normal mode after an imbalance of hormones, lactate, metabolism. The regeneration is much shorter due to the application of the CRYO BOX. They are ready for use faster. In addition, the inner muscular tension of the tense muscles is resolved and over-acidified muscles are a thing of the past.


By collecting the blood from the extremities in the nucleus, it is pimped by fresh oxygen as it circulates around the major organs of the body to protect it from the extreme cold. As a result, we have improved oxygenation of all muscles and performance after a few minutes. This type of “legal doping” will support you very well in competition and training in the long term. The oxygenation regulates your body for about 4 – 6 hours. Furthermore, you have more strength, endurance and speed during this time.


The CRYO BOX, with regular use, will help you to perform very well over a long period of time. The improved tissue regeneration “collagenesis” quickly destroys and stabilizes damaged tissue. You can also concentrate longer. Thus, the risk of injury is minimized.

Improvement of the physical and emotional state

Extra boost regeneration

Accelerated detoxification

Normalization of metabolism

Modulation and preservation of the top form

Faster treatment of joints and muscles

Tissue regeneration

Immediately ready for training

Performance increase

Pain relief