The C.B.M-Series

Liquid nitrogen for all cryogenic devices, from 50 to 500 liters with high quality, low evaporation loss, these nitrogen tanks perfectly meet all their requirements. We have our own C.B.M series manufactured by a TÜV certified international partner. All ISO standards are applied in the production process. Our products are exported to several countries such as Russia, Britain, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland etc. We offer you stable quality, fast delivery, reasonable prices and the best service.

Standard equipment

  • Integrated safety device on the container
  • Vacuum lock and safety valve
  • Auto control valves with double protection
  • Movable smooth-running rollers
  • Digital electronic level indicator
  • Pressure indicator
  • Movable ultra-low cut-off valves are easy to use
  • Integrated inlet / outlet valve, gas valve, relief valve
  • Filling hose (2,00m) on both sides ¾-16 UNF
  • Safety glasses with cold protection gloves

Advantages that convince

  • Efficient exhaust gas cooling
  • Low evaporation rate (only 0.8% / day at C.B.M 200L)
  • Compact dimensions
  • Integrated vacuum seal and safety device
  • Long-term vacuum protection with high quality materials
  • Inner and outer container each separately helium leak tested
  • Robust construction made of highly corrosion-resistant cold-resistant
  • Stainless steel
  • Smooth, stable castors
  • Low maintenance

Fast cold at the point of use

  • Pressure build-up regulator
  • Pressure reduction regulator
  • Long lifetime
  • Digital electronic level indicator

Level Gauge is a high precision digital electronic level gauge designed specifically for the C.B.M Series Nitrogen Storage System Tanks. The new design includes an accurate level gauge with a graphic percent indication. This gauge is directly mounted to the tank system.

Technical specifications



Working pressure

Operation pressure


Outer diameter

Total heigt


Daily evaporation rate


Vacuum warranty

C.B.M - 50L 

50 L

1,1 bar

1,5 bar

Stainless steel

45,5 cm

118 cm

45 kg

0,6 %

24 months

5 years

C.B.M - 100L

100 L

1,3 bar

1,5 bar

Stainless steel

60,6 cm

130 cm

78 kg

0,6 %

24 months


C.B.M - 150L

150 L

1,3 bar

1,5 bar

Stainless steel

70,6 cm

134 cm

98 kg