Safety cabinets

Since 2019, there is a new legislation on nitrogen tanks. The requirements result from TRBS 3146. According to this, the protection of the container against inadmissible heating (depending on the fire load F30 or F90 separation) and a safe discharge of the safety valves are also possible. Today we present you our new nitrogen storage concept 2019. Our system allows legally compliant storage of your nitrogen tank.


Our products correspond to fire-retardant cabinets of min. 30 minutes (F30) up to a fire resistance F90 of min. 90 minutes. The safety cabinets are manufactured according to the current technical fire safety regulations and comply with the legal requirements of a fire-retardant container. The cabinets are made with a fire resistance of min. 30 up to 90 minutes, depending on the design, type-tested. The Nitrogen safety cabinets are made with flame retardant materials. The fire behavior of the materials was certified by an accredited test institute. The door openings and the supply and exhaust air openings are closed and sealed in case of fire, so that the temperature inside the cabinet is kept as low as possible for a long time.


A classification of the fire resistance of the cabinet, e.g. as F30, was determined in fire tests. The pipe and cable lines are prefabricated on the cabinet. Subsequent mounting of holes is not recommended, as this could damage the cabinet. Due to the size of the cabinet, in most cases it is not completely transported to the place of use. This requires the cabinet to be fully assembled on site. The installation should only be done by our mechanics. The cabinet body is made of light gray (RAL 7035). Other colors are possible on request. The double-leaf door is equipped with a locking system, a thermal monitoring system and a cylinder lock. The supply and exhaust openings on the cabinet roof are self-closing in case of fire. The exhaust duct inside the cabinet is used for extraction near the floor. The base feet are mounted to protect the bottom plate. Furthermore, we use a reinforced base plate to protect against damage by the rollable nitrogen container. Our safety cabinets are also equipped with a roll-in flap for nitrogen tanks.

Due to our competitors, we do not currently want to publish a picture of our nitrogen containers or storage concept to avoid copying our system.