Krion Mini Pro Cryosauna uses the latest and most cutting-edge technologies in the field of cryotherapy.

This model includes automatic modes that create a comfortable and convenient business process.

Krion Mini Pro expands upon the technological features of Krion Premium.

For whom?

Small to large demand or facilities with a special flair and atmosphere:

  • Fitness, beauty, cosmetics, SPAs
  • Sauna, hospitals
  • Professional athletes, sports clubs


  • Every treatment is under the control of modern electronics with a powerful processor
  • All modes operate automatically and do not require constant monitoring by an operator or his/her continuous presence
  • 21.5-inch LCD swivel monitor that gives you the best view from your room
  • Leather texture exterior


Pre-cooling of the machine: only 5 liters
1st session without pre-cooling: only 6 liters
2nd session: approx. 5.6 liters (1.86 liters per minute)
8th session: approx. 3.6 liters (1.2 liters per minute)

Installation area and drying

Dimensions and arrangement

Nitrogen tank 1m²

CRYO BOX Standard 250cm length, 200cm width incl. Nitrogen container

Height 220cm

Total size CRYO BOX: 4m² + nitrogen tank 1m²

If the ice sauna warms up again after a session, the device must be blown dry. This condensate is removed from the machine. For the Pro series, the drying time is 15 minutes.