• Session Status Screen
  • Operator touch screen
  • 240 ° orientation area
  • Double door system
  • 30 seconds start-up time
  • Druck Variant
  • Thermal Contrast Therapy Mode
  • + 50 ° C to - 170 ° C

CRYO BOX XC™ in detail

The CRYO BOX XC ™ cold chamber / cryosauna was developed 7 years ago and is currently one of the most advanced cryosaunas in the world.
Thanks to the continuous feedback from thousands of customers and qualified cold therapy operators, we can offer them an excellent device with maximum safety, reliability and quality.



3 – 7 L

The CRYO BOX XC ™ is known for its unique, pivoting cabin door “double door system”, its simple installation and its thermal contrast function. The smart double door system offers the operator maximum installation flexibility. Also known for its balanced cooling air distribution in the cabin. It offers the customer maximum effects and maximum security with multiple security devices. The CRYO BOX XC ™ is operated with a liquid nitrogen system. This solution has undeniable economic and practical advantages that have results over other forms of whole body cryotherapy and has become a preferred system in our business.

In operation:

  • Thermal contrast function + 50 ° C to -180 ° C
  • Automated nitrogen flow
  • Up to 15 sessions per hour possible
  • 3-7 liters of nitrogen consumption per session
  • -120 ° C to -180 ° C

Additional functions:

  • 21.5 “Operator touch screen
  • 15 “Client Multimedia Screen
  • Wi-Fi remote control for remote maintenance
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in ambience LED light control

Customer experience during treatment:

  • Highest session quality
  • Balanced cabin temperature
  • Additional security features
  • full body exposure

Service & Maintenance:

  • Minimum maintenance times
  • Remote diagnosis option
  • Smooth service
  • Active customer service
  • Statistics and logs