CRYO BOX Premium

Krion Premium provides with advanced technology that allows you to perform up to 100 treatments per day.

This model is designed for medium-sized enterprises and other businesses aiming to organize regular treatments for a large group of customers.

For whom?

Medium demand or facilities with growth potential:

  • Fitness, beauty, cosmetics, spas, sauna
  • medical institutions:
    • rheumatologists
    • Orthopedists
    • hospitals
  • Naturopaths, physiotherapists, sports clubs


  • Decreased average expenditure of liquid nitrogen per procedure (savings of 30% or more)
  • Significantly less time spent on cryosauna maintenance (savings of 30% or more)
  • Increased period of continuous work in operational mode – up to 8 hours
  • Decreased preparation time before a treatment
  • Automatic treatment counter
  • Possibility to organize a mobile business location using a bus or small truck, upon request
  • More designs for the cryosauna’s exterior


Pre-cooling of the machine: only 5 liters
1st session: only 6 liters
2nd session: approx. 5.6 liters (1.86 liters per minute)
8th session: approx. 3.6 liters (1.2 liters per minute)

Installation area and drying

If the ice sauna warms up again after a session, the device must be blown dry. This condensate is removed from the machine. Depending on the model, the drying time varies from 0 to 60 minutes.

Dimensions and arrangement

Nitrogen tank 1m²

CRYO BOX Standard 250cm length, 200cm width incl. Nitrogen container

Height 220cm

Total size CRYO BOX: 4m² + nitrogen tank 1m²